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December 9, 2007
I changed the My Albums page so that if you move your mouse over the [THUMB] link, your thumbnail pops up! That way it's really easy to check what images you have uploaded!

November 4, 2007
Alright, I added this very handy checkbox, that will keep you logged in for a month and will always keep you logged in if you visit this site once those months. This is very handy, becouse you don't have to worry about not beeing logged in anymore, you can just upload your pictures and they will be automatically added to your account!
Aint that sweet? ^_^

October 31, 2007
I'm glad there are finally more people that are uploading to my site! I hope this will keep up! :D
Now you can view all images by clicking the next and previous buttons on the browse images page!

October 30, 2007
You can now:
   - See the last uploaded image.
   - Delete the images in your 'album'.
   - See how many times your image is viewed.
Soon you will be able to search for images on tags and filename, and the album system will be implemented so you can give a link to your album to other people to show an entire album instead of just one image.

October 22, 2007
I completed the register and login script!
As well as the script to see what images you uploaded! You have to login before you upload an image to add it to your account, then click on My Albums to see your images!

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